3 Games To Add To Your Wishlist That Are Premiering At LudoNarraCon '21 –

Welcome to yet another LudoNarraCon ’21. A delightful narrative virtual festival that is outlined on Steam. We have been attending each year and have fallen in love with many games from the festival (including Neo Cab, which we have acquired on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.) In this year’s festival, there is so much to discuss, yet so little time due to the fact that it runs from April 23rd to the 26th. There will be broadcasts, live streams, gameplay, free demos, and so much more for you all.

South By Southwest 2021: Elle Callahan's 'Witch Hunt' (2021) Is A Modern-Day Exploration Of Witch Craft –

One day on Halloween, last year, I watched Head Count (on Hulu at the time; it is now available on Amazon Prime). I appreciated the concept of the movie, while the acting was adequate, the directing was outstanding and made me appreciate the movie for what it was (it is charming). I was not aware that Elle Callahan had written and directed it, and it wasn’t until much later that I realized that she will be premiering another gem at SXSW 2021, Witch Hunt.

REEL LOVE FEST 2021: Why SHIVA BABY By Emma Seligman Is Such A Provocative Standout –

Emma Seligman’s SHIVA BABY is one of the standout features of Reel Love Fest. Seligman’s debut feature, more or less a continuation of the previous short film by the same name, is one of superb camera work, poetic writing, and pure entertainment in seventy-seven minutes. A compelling escapade packed with action, tension, and family pressure. Rachel Sennott is the star of SHIVA BABY, and her supporting cast does a marvelous job with a unique script.

REEL LOVE FEST 2021: Five Favorite Short Films

This years’ Reel Love Fest kicks off with a bang, from features to podcasts to shorts — this weekend is all about love in various forms. The Daily Fandom was invited to participate this year for its first time; we watched a few shorts and have compiled a list of some that have stood out to us. It is subjective, as we all react differently to everything, but these stood out, so why not highlight them? Here are a few shorts that will stick in your mind for days (as they did ours).
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